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» Davidtot
Turnbull concedes tax reform approach fuelled opposition attacks


Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has admitted a political strategy used by opponents of carbon pricing had had a damaging effect, including damaging the reputation of his position.

Speaking to an audience of conservative and Christian evangelicals at the Faith and Freedom Coalition's Faith and Freedom Leadership Summit, Mr Turnbull conceded he had never wanted "any sort of political agenda" for Australia, but that the recent revelations of tax cuts for big business, and the Turnbull Government's support of the Turnbull Government's tax cuts had caused a lot of anger and distraction.

"It has got to the point where the politicians that are talking about any sort of agenda don't want to do anything that's very popular in Australian society," Mr Turnbull said.

He pointed to the opposition leaders' decision in May to back a tax on carbon emissions, but not on fossil fuels.

Mr Turnbull also defended Prime Minister Abbott's recent decision to pull the Australian Government from an international climate change agreement — despite the fact that the Government's budget was spending money in Australia and doing so to support low-carbon industries.

"What we see as a positive is this announcement on the budget — you can see the Treasurer in front of that one."

Mr Turnbull said that had come during a time of political and economic crisis for the Opposition Leader, who had become bogged down in his leadership.

"So there has been this distraction, there have been all of these problems that, you know, that Labor's leaders have had, and the people in the Opposition haven't.

"They've been all over the place trying to get the Government to listen to them and do what's in their own interest and what's right for the nation."

But Mr Turnbull admitted there were times when he worried about that, with the criticism levelled at his performance before the election, and when people were questioning his leadership on certain issues.

"I think that when the political and economic circumstances in the country change, and there's an opportunity to make that change, you have to step up."

'Unprecedented' government funding cuts threatened climate action plan

Mr Abbott's Government has been cutting funding to the Federal Government's climate-change planning body over the past few weeks, with the impact of that policy on the federal budget looming large.

A Federal Government minister warned that climate action in Australia is likely to be crippled unless the country is prepared for a "substantial" reduction in federal funding to the Federal Government's climate-change programs, as well as from other departments.

Labor's Environment Minister Mark Butler said Mr Abbott's actions this week had created a "chilling effect" on the government's climate policy, with the effect of the changes costing th
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